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Ode to Spring

Making an art piece: Behind the scenes



As I am writing this, it’s actually getting colder here, in Sydney. In the upside-down it’s hard to get used to a scorching hot sunny Christmas, and to cold nights + shorter days in April. At the same time, another set of trees and flowers is blooming all around the city, sun visits us daily and promises the kind of winter I always dreamed of: when you can wear a trench coat, a couple of sweaters and boots. No temperatures that make you feel like “I don not care how I am going to look as long as I can go outside and still be able to feel my toes after 10 minutes”. I lived like that most of my life, and I do not miss it.

So, this whole introduction and weather walk has a point and naturally leads to what I wanted to share today - my freshly finished piece that’s called “Ode to Spring”. Not Australian spring, the traditional one :) Because that’s what my seasonal compass is showing me these days.

When I started painting it, I had a completely different idea, which I can’t even recall now. Just like that, flowers happened to be where something deeper and full of meaning was meant to be placed :) But I didn’t resist. “Okay, flowers it is.”

I don’t think there are many layers to this artwork, it’s more about the energy it radiates. A warm smile and breath of the new season, scent of fresh leaves and flowers, “look what has come into our lives!”, a child like excitement and joyful anticipation of summer days…

It took me long to finish her, because I dedicated last month to my website and consciously took a break from painting. I’ve missed it, and I’ve also missed making something deeper than flowers. It fulfils me the most to work on a piece like “Equilibrium”. Digging for darker sides of a character, bringing them out and exploring on paper. I’m definitely longing for a bigger art piece and can’t wait to begin.

Thank you for reading



For those who are in the proper Australian autumn mood :)

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