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Sasha Krautman (b. 1995) holds a degree and professional background in interior design, which has had a significant influence on her developing her own artistic style. It gave her a deep understanding of how people perceive materials, colors and spaces.

She has always been drawn to graphic mediums, as well as color, which inspired her to develop a way of painting with colored pencils. Her works are filled with natural textures, smooth tones and strokes, combined with other tactile materials she uses for framing.

She began making original art in her early 20s while travelling the world and pursuing her successful career in architectural visualisation. Constant movement has helped her absorb many cultures and stories of people she met on the way. It had a fundamental influence on her growth as an artist and inspired to express her observations in visual forms. Sasha’s exhibited her portraits and figurative work in Indonesia while she was living there.

‘I want my artworks to help people slow down for a moment and feel calm, present and connected to deeper parts of themselves.’

Artist text

Sasha’s work combines figurative storytelling as well as abstract wooden patterns. It explores how people navigate different states of modern life, filled with fake spirituality, fast-paced internet movements, and overstimulation that lead to high anxiety levels. With her paintings, she tries to portray strong emotions and bring them to a balanced introspective space using textures, colors, shapes. Her intention is to help people find that respectful and reflective space, where necessary time is given to processing. She embraces balance, slowing down, giving oneself space to remember what’s really important.

Her main medium is colored pencils, and she frames her canvases with leather, making the artworks a multisensory experience. By touching materials and exploring surfaces, the viewer comes back from their mind to their body.

Wood is an underlying theme in all visual stories she tells in her paintings. In the daoist tradition, wood is one of the main 5 elements, a symbol of growth and expansion, a connector between earth and sky. On her canvases, Sasha combines human characters and cuts of wood. The figures represent and transmit certain states of mind, when the wooden parts serve as a grounding force that is there to calm us down by drawing viewers' eyes into slow waves of natural patterns. Together, they balance the senses one gets from an artwork. Receiving the feeling, but not being overwhelmed.

One of her friends once said, “When I look at it [the artwork] I want to hug… myself.” In Sasha’s opinion, it perfectly describes her work and intention behind it.



April 19-28 Grand opening group show | Artemisia Gallery, 248 High St Windsor, 3181 VIC, Australia

May 16-19 The Other Art Fair | White Bay Cruise Terminal, Sydney, Australia

June-Aug Opening group show | Nanny Goat Gallery, Petaluma, CA, USA


Sept, The Holy Art Fair, London, UK, The Truman Brewery


July, Local Artists Group exhibition, 'The Flow', Bali


Dec, Christmas Event Group exhibition, 'The Flow', Bali


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original artwork
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